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Bharat Seva Kendra portal launched

Bharat Seva Kendra portal launched with services like PAN, AEPS, Insurance, GST Sewa, RTO assistance, Bill Payments, Mobile/DTH Recharges for connecting Rural Karnataka households with main stream E governance initiatives.

Removing Cheque Facility to Promote Digital Transaction a Bad idea , say Economists

The industry body also talked about the need to encourage debit and credit card trasanction in order to move towards a cashless economy.

Govt to start RS 34,000 Crore BharatNet Phase 2 from Today

Under the project , the government aims to connect 1.5 lakh panchayats through 10 lakh Kilometers of additional optical fibre and give bandwidth to telecom players at nearly 75 percent cheaper price for broadband and Wi-Fi services in rural areas

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Bharat Seva Kendra are one of the crucial enablers of the Digital Karnataka Programme. E-services are important in B2C e-commerce for managing customer relations and enhancing sales. In the electronic world the customer and the merchant do not meet face-to-face, and the clients are more discerning with increased options and solutions available to them online. With the click of a mouse a customer can find another provider. As customers embrace e-commerce their expectations about service, support, and how they make purchases are changing. Services to customers offered electronically to enhance their online shopping experience include search support, e-response to customer queries, orders and transactions, e-payment, e-transaction record management, e-assurance and trust, e-help and other online support in the B2C e-space. This paper discusses the role of e-services in B2C e-commerce and how they can be applied to enhance the online customer shopping experience. Findings of two research projects that shed some light on both business and customer perspectives of the role of e-services in the B2C e-commerce are launched in this paper.